Friday, August 27, 2010

Irie Pascal 3 - August Progress Report

The new IDE
 The design work and the coding to change the current IDE, which is designed for compiling Pascal programs, into the new IDE, which is designed for creating websites (powered by Pascal programs), is going well. The core changes have already been made, the new IDE can:
  1. Create a new website.
  2. Open an existing website.
  3. Create a new file.
  4. Open an existing file.
The next big change is to add support for creating web pages (using Jump templates).

The new compiler
Some of the new compiler features, that I've been writing about, won't make it into the next release. The new release is taking much longer than I thought it would, so I will have to leave out some things. For example, support for Unicode, and support for compiling multi-module programs, will have to wait for a later release.

The idea is to focus the next release on making the transition from a Pascal programming tool into a website development tool, while making as few changes to the compiler as possible.

Until next time.