Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taking another look at supporting Amazon Web Services.

I'm taking another look at supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the next release of Irie Pascal.

So far (fingers crossed) things are looking good, I haven't seen anything that will make it really difficult to support AWS. I did discover that parts of Amazon S3 (the main AWS storage service) use something called "eventual consistency", which is a new concept for me. I will have to let this roll around in my head for a while before I know whether or not "eventual consistency" is going to be a problem. I found this article, Read-After-Write Consistency in Amazon S3 that explains the concept.

I'm excited about supporting AWS because it could make it easy and cheap to host applications built using Irie Pascal. Right now, it can be a little difficult to find a hosting company that will host Irie Pascal applications (unless you get a dedicated server).

Anybody out there, have any experience with AWS?